Counseling and art therapy for self-acceptance and creative transformation

Counseling Services

Body image: In a world where advertising and social pressures teach us to accept no less than perfection, criticism of our bodies comes from within and without. We may become our worst critics and grow to mistrust, hate or attack our bodies in a symbolic process that I call shapegoating. In body image therapy, the goal is to restore a whole "bodyself" by developing a more nurturing and accepting relationship with the body and an authentic voice of self-confidence.

Trauma and disrupted attachment impact neurological development, altering the processing and integration of emotions, memories and experiences. Trauma therapy seeks to improve self-acceptance, practical coping skills, and emotional and mental flexibility. It may include cognitive behavioral, educational and expressive art interventions. Current research in art therapy suggests that visual, tactile, and symbolic art processes help stimulate and restore neurological pathways, leading to improved memory and cognitive abilities, control of impulses, and expression of feelings.

Life transitions, careers and aging: I address these issues from a supportive and creative problem-solving perspective to empower you to find your way, embrace change, cope with loss and bereavement, and adjust to the physical and emotional challenges of aging. I provide supportive and educational counseling for aging families and family caregivers, and have worked as a caregiver support group facilitator through the Oregon Alzheimer's Association.


Counseling sessions are relaxed and client-centered. Therapeutic goals and treatment interventions are developed collaboratively and progress is discussed transparently and openly. It is my approach to nurture your awareness of an ability to cope with stresses, manage personal boundaries and speak up with confidence in making decisions regarding comfortable levels of interdependence with others. If art therapy is part of your treatment, I will provide space and materials for self-exploration and self-expression in visual language with or without words. It is not necessary to be an artist or to have had prior experience with art to benefit from art therapy. Art therapy stimulates neurological processes and increases creativity and autonomy, making physical and emotional change possible.

Clinical Supervision

My approach to therapy and supervision is mainly informed by psychodynamic psychotherapy and trauma theory, however I welcome your approach(es) and will work collaboratively to support you in developing the style that most fits your professional identity and goals. I provide clinical supervision for clinicians seeking Oregon LPC licensure, art therapists seeking ATR-BC credentials, and consultation for licensed professionals. Scheduling of supervision is flexible, including weekend hours.

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